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How convenient is it to live in China now? Full of sense of technology, no need to go out at all.

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Comments on people who have lived in China

@Xin Yun:

1,You can buy anything in internet.
In China's "Double 11"(November 11), which is Black Friday in china, in this day Chinese people will buy a lot of things in Taobao. In 2016, the sales reached 120.7 billion yuan in this day, but the in 2017 reached 168.2 billion yuan. All these transactions are conducted online. This is only in Taobao website. There are many other shopping websites in China, such as JD, Dangdang and Suning. I can not calculate the number of the packages in this day. However, many parcels have been delivered to customers on November 13, Chinese people pursue speed,they think speed is money.
2,Mobile payment is very easy, young people rarely use cash now.
If you pay with Alipay, you can get a discount。
look , you use Alipay not only can chat with your friends, but also order food or ticket, even buy a fund.
3, live in china you don’t worry about you life, in China does not allow sale guns. However, there have been Shooting incident in the United States
4,China High Speed Rail-4,000 kilometers per hour high-speed flight train
5,5G networks/
According to the disclosure of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the third phase of China's 5G test will be launched by the end of 2017 and the relevant carriers will be pre-commercialized by 2018.

@Ray Comeau, Interest in geopolitics


Everyone has different experiences in China. Our perceptions determine if our experience leaves us with positive or negative impressions.
My China experience is from living in the large cities ………. Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing.
Living in China’s large cities is for the most part similar to living in the largest cities in the West.
Yes there are some challenges the biggest being :
The most notable for foreigners is language as only a very few locals speak another language.
The cuisine is vastly different with flavours strange to westerners. There are the usual American fast food-fat food places which are more expensive compared to local cuisine for the unadventurous.
In China if you can’t do as the Chinese do then at least accept what the Chinese do. Chinese culture is not western culture, so forget what you think is inappropriate, backwards, or strange.
After that are other challenges :
Internet access is limited (without a reliable vpn). Use Yahoo search but not Google search. Can’t access Facebook, twitter and a few others (but who cares).
Level of air pollution depending on the city. (Reminds me of southern California air pollution in 70’s &80’s before the state decided to act.)
Conveniences of living in China:

The local people are open, friendly and accept foreigners …… if the foreigner is willing to accept China as it is.
Stores and markets offer more vegetables fruits and fish that you can imagine.
Mobile phone applications are the most advanced in the world.
E-commerce is very advanced and equal to anywhere else in the world.
Chinese cuisine knows how to cook vegetables with taste.
All stores and banks are open 7 days a week
A wide variety of city transportation choices …… all of which are inexpensive in addition to a vast system of airports and high speed trains.
No need to make appointments to see a doctor even a specialist. Many specialists were trained by doctors who were trained in western medical universities. Western doctors are also employed in China. Hospitals are fully equipped with modern technology.
Obtaining a drivers license in China is not difficult.
Travel within China and to anywhere in Eurasia is quick and very affordable

@Deshawn Peterson, Financial Planner for expats
I can only speak to living in Shanghai and it's the most convenient place I've ever stayed long term.
Maybe it's because the amount of people and growing economy but you can do everything easier compared to other places.
Metro: Right now, there over 14 metro lines that go all over the city. You can easily get to all the train stations, suburbs, and airports with the metro and bus system. The buses also run light so that's always an option.
Taobao and take out. Taobao is the greatest app ever created, hands down. Not only does it have everything under the sun available to buy from cell phones, soap to even commercial planes. But also you can get services performed on the same platform.
外卖 Or take out in English. You can order all types of food at reasonable prices. There are multiple options to order food online from Taobao, Sherpas, 美团, and more.
Food. The food here has to accommodate over 25 million documented residents so that's a lot of restaurants. No matter your taste of food, there's a place for you. Also, a lot of local restaurant are 24 hours so no worrying about late night munchies.
@Nicola Zhang, lived in China
1.About Alipay
U don’t have to take cash outside,just take your phone scan the code then you can buy anything you want only if you have enough money in your account,it’s very convenient and no need to worry about cash to rob,but should pay attention to your phone.
2.Express Delivery
With the fast development of express delivery(kuaidi), you can order everything you want online,the dinner,the groceries,furniture,toys etc, anything you can think of,the delivery can send it to your door.
I live in Shenzhen,and everyday I go to work by riding a share bike,mostly free of charge.Also the metro has so many lines, you can go to most place of Shenzhen by subway.And there are so may traffic methods, Didi, bike sharing,subway and so forth.
Those make me feel life is faster and safer than used to be.
@Mark Fudemberg, Macduffie International School (2016-present)
What do you mean by convenient? I live in the Changing district and just left WalMart so a friend could by baby formula imported from Ireland rather than the formula imported from France. Across the street from my apartment is a hospital and next to the hospital is a mall with an excellent grocery, two floors off restaurants, and my bank. Two bus stops away is another mall. A short walk is a spice and meet market plus many small fruit markets and walk up food stalls dotted throughout the neighborhood. I pay electric and phone through wechat. If I want to go into the city, I'm a 45 minute subway ride away.
Pretty damn convenient
@Jo Zhao, lives in China
I want to add some more.
I live without cash for a long time even I go out by bus or subway. I can use my phone to pay for it. If you wang to know where your bus are now? You can also know through the APP.
If you want to know where your takeout are now? You can also check on the phone.
I don’t like having heavy shopping bag. Buy it at Tmall Supermarket and I will receive it the next day.