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A lazy youth, a lousy age.


An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.


A man becomes learned by asking questions.


Actions speak louder than words.


Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.


Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.


The shortest answer is doing.


All things are difficult before they are easy.


Great hopes make great man.


God helps those who help themselves.


In doing we learn.


Two heads are better than one.


Constant dropping wears the stone.


Better late than never.


It's never too late to mend.


If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing well.


A bold attempt is half success.


Good advice is beyond all price.




1、Live beautifully, dream passionately, love completely.


2、Albert Einstein: Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take

you everywhere.


3、The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing



4、A man's best friends are his ten fingers.


5、Only they who fulfill their duties in everyday matters will fulfill them

on great occasions.


6、The shortest way to do many things is to only one thing at a time.


7、All things in their being are good for something.


8、There's only one corner of the universe you can be sure of improving, and

that's your own self.


9、Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people.


10、The world is like a mirror: Frown at itand it frowns at you; smile, and

it smiles too.


11、Failure is the mother of success. - Thomas Paine


12、The reason why a great man is great is that he resolves to be a great



13、The unexamined life is not worth living. -- Socrates   ·

混混噩噩的生活不值得过。 -- 苏格拉底

14、Suffering is the most powerful teacher of life.


15、Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of


So let us seize it, not in fear, but ......余下全文>>


A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.


-Joseph Addison(美国作家艾迪生)

If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.


-Benjamin Franklin(美国总统富兰克林)

If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.


-Thomas Edison(美国发明家爱迪生)

Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.


-Albert Einstein(美国科学家爱因斯坦)

You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success.


-Charles Chaplin(美国演员卓别林)

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible".


-Bonapart Napoleon(法国皇帝拿破仑)

Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.


-Richard Nixon(美国总统尼克松)

Genius only means hard-working all one's life.



You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.


-Norman Douglas(英国作家道格拉斯)

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.


-Franklin Roosevelt(美国总统罗斯福)

The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.


-Mark Twain(美国作家马克?吐温)

The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.



1.Great works are performed not by strength , but by perseverance. 完成伟大的事业不在于体力,而在于坚韧不拔的毅力。 -Samuel Johnson(英国作家和评论家约翰逊) 2.Genius only means hard-working all one's life. 天才只意味着终身不懈的努力。 -Mendeleyev(俄国化学家门捷列耶夫) 3.Few things are impossible in themselves; and it is often for want of will ,rather than of means, that man fails to succeed. 事情很少又根本做不成的;其所以做不成,与其说是条件不够,不如说是由于决心不够。 -(La Racheforcauld(法国作家罗切福考尔德) 4.Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成 5.N盯thing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿,无事不成 6.Rome wasn't built in one day. 伟业非一日建成 7.Never say die 坚持到底 8.Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success. 自信是走向成功的第一步。 9.Pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably. 不管追求什么目标,都应坚持不懈。 10.Energy and persistence conquer all things. -- Benjamin Franklin 能量加毅力可以征服一切。 -- 富兰克林 11.Cease to struggle and you cease to live. -- Thomas Carlyle 生命不止,奋斗不息。 -- 卡莱尔 12.A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step. 千里之行,始于足下。


1. Never say die.永不言败。

2.No cross, no crown.不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹。

3.New wine in old bottles.旧瓶装新酒。

4.Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.亡羊补牢,为时未晚。

5.No garden without its weeds.没有不长草的园子。

6.No living man all things can.世上没有万事通。

7.No man can do two things at once.一心不可二用。

8.No man is born wise or learned.没有生而知之者。

9.No man is content.人心不足蛇吞象。

10.No man is wise at all times.聪明一世,糊涂一时。

11.None are so blind as those who won't see.视而不见。

12.None are so deaf as those who won't hear.充耳不闻。

13.No news is good news.没有消息就是好消息。

14.No one can call back yesterday.昨日不会重现。

15.No pains, no gains.没有付出就没有收获。

16.No pleasure without pain.没有苦就没有乐。

17.No rose without a thorn.没有不带刺的玫瑰。

18.No sweet without sweat.先苦后甜。

19.No smoke without fire.无风不起浪。

20.Nothing brave, nothing have.不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

21.Nothing dries sooner than a tear.眼泪干得最快。

22.Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.世上无难事,只怕有心人。

23.Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.世上无难事,只要肯登攀。

24.Nothing seek, nothing find.没有追求就没有收获。

25.Nothing is so necessary for travelers as languages.外出旅行,语言最要紧。

26.Nothing is to be got without pains but poverty.世上唯有贫穷可以不劳而获。

27.Not to advance is to go back.不进则退。

28.Not to know what happened before one was born is always to be a child.不懂世故,幼稚可笑。

29.No way is impossible to courage.勇者无惧。

30.Obedience is the first duty of a soldier.军人以服从命令为天职。

31.Observation is ......余下全文>>


1. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. 海内存知己,天涯若比邻。

2. A common danger causes common action. 同舟共济。

3. A contented mind is a continual / perpetual feast. 知足常乐。

4. A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

5. A guest should suit the convenience of the host. 客随主便。

6. A letter from home is a priceless treasure. 家书抵万金。

7. All rivers run into the sea. 殊途同归。

8. All time is no time when it is past. 机不可失,时不再来。

9. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一日一个苹果,身体健康不求医。

10. As heroes think, so thought Bruce. 英雄所见略同。

11. A young idler, an old beggar. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

12. Behind the mountains there are people to be found. 天外有天,山外有山。

13. Bad luck often brings good luck. 塞翁失马,安知非福。

14. Bread is the stall of life. 面包是生命的支柱。(民以食为天。)

15. Business is business. 公事公办。

16. Clumsy birds have to start flying early. 笨鸟先飞。

17. Courtesy costs nothing. 礼多人不怪。

18. Custom makes all things easy. 习惯成自然。

19. Desire has no rest. 人的欲望无止境。

20. Difficult the first time, easy the second. 一回生,二回熟。

21. Do not change horses in mid-stream. 别在河流中间换马。

22. Do not have too many irons in the fire. 贪多嚼不烂。

23. Do not pull all your eggs in one basket. 别把所有的蛋都放在一个篮子里。(不要孤注一掷。)

24. Do not teach fish to swim. 不要班门弄斧。

25. East or west, home is the best. 东奔西跑,还是家里好。

26. Experience is the best teacher. 实践出真知。

27. Fact is stranger than fiction. 事实比虚构更离奇。(大千世界,无奇不有。)

28. Faith can move mountains. 信念能移山。(精诚所至,金石为开。)

29. First impressions are half the battle. 先入为主。

30. Give as good as one gets. 一报还一报。(以德报德,以怨还怨。)



At twenty years of age , the will reigns; at thirty , the wit ; and at forty , the judgment .(Benjamin Franklin ,American president)

二十岁时起支配作用的是意志,三十岁时是机智,四十岁时是判断。(美国总统富兰克林 . B.)

Do you love life ? Then do not squander time ; for that's the stuff5 life is made of .(Benjamin Franklin , American president )

你热爱生命吗?那么,别浪费时间,因为生命是由时间组成的。(美国总统富兰克林. B.)

Each moment in history is a fleeting time , precious and unique .(Richard Nixon , American president )

历史巨轮飞转,分分秒秒的时间都十分宝贵,也独具意义。(美国总统尼克松. R.)

Fish and visitors smell three days .( Franklin Benjamin , American president )

鱼放三天发臭,客住三天讨嫌。 (美国总统 富兰克林. B.)

I am a slow walker , but I never walk backwards .(Abraham Lincoln , American president)

我走得很慢,但是我从来不会后退。 (美国总统 林肯. A.)

If you want to understand today , you have to search yesterday .(Pearl Buck , American female writer )

想要懂得今天,就必须研究昨天。(美国女作家 赛珍珠)

In delay there lies no plenty , Then come kiss me , sweet and twenty , Youth's a stuff that will not endure . (William Shakespeare , British dramatist)

迁延蹉跎,来日无多,二十丽姝,请来吻我,衰草枯杨,青春易过。(英国剧作家莎士比亚. W.)

Never leave that until tomorrow , which you can do today .(Benjamin Franklin , American president )

今天的事不要拖到明天。 (美国总统 富兰克林. B. ) 英语人生哲理名言(二) Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time ; a man of talent tries to use it . (Arthur Schopenhauer , German philosopher )

普通人只想到如何度过时间,有才能的人设法利用时间。(德国哲学家叔本华. A. )

The golden age is before us , not behind us . (Mark Twain ,American writer )



1. A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一日一个苹果,身体健康不求医。

3. A young idler, an old beggar. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

4. Custom makes all things easy. 习惯成自然。

5. Desire has no rest. 人的欲望无止境。

6.Do not have too many irons in the fire. 贪多嚼不烂。

7.Do not pull all your eggs in one basket. 别把所有的蛋都放在一个篮子里。(不要孤注一掷。)

8. Experience is the best teacher. 实践出真知。

9. If you are not inside a house, you don not know about its leaking. 不在屋里,不知漏雨。(亲身经历才有体会。)

10. One is never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老。

11. Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

12. So many men, so many minds. 人心各不同。

13储 Time tries all things. 时间检验一切。

14. You are only young once. 青春只有一次。

15. No pain, no gain.没有付出就没有获得


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